What To Write in a Garden Journal & 5 Garden Journals to Shop

I started keeping a garden journal when I was first planning out the basics of what plants I was going to plant. I sketched out my raised beds and then researched spacing for each plant, hand drawing them in. Thus began my garden journal journey! I didn't realize how much I would need the notes eventually, but now journaling about the garden is crucial for things like crop rotation when to start seeds, what worked and what didn't from season to season.

The preferred method of keeping a garden journal for me is in a blank notebook or a one with grid marks. I like to add in my own info, as opposed to buying a notebook that has created categories for me. However, many people love pre-made journals, so we've found some for you!

What to write about in a garden journal?

  1. The season you're in
  2. What plant you're planting and in what form (as a seed, transplant, or cultivar)
  3. The date of direct sowing or transplanting
  4. The germination rate
  5. The harvest date
  6. Your harvest yeild
  7. Notes (thinks like pests, fertilizers, weather, etc.)
  8. Where you placed the plants in your beds

That about covers it for me! I like to simply look season to season and reference what did well, when I planted, and how much I planted. Oh, I also love to note companions and location - I usually do a little sketch which is both fun and useful.

As for a garden journal that is premade and categorized for you, we found some! Some of these garden journals have all the categories, but also have some room for design and some info on gardening. It's all up to you. See if you can find which one of these I personally would buy :).

Great Garden Journals to Buy:

  1. Tyler Thrasher ‘Grow a Damn Plant Journal’

This is a great and specific garden journal for detailed record keepers. Excellent for indoor plants too.

2. Floret Flowers ‘Inspirational Garden Journal’

Floret is flawless, right? Right. This journal is great because it gives some guidance and context.

3. Papier ’The Secret Garden’

4. Amazon ’The Gardener’s Logbook’

5. Amazon Scribble & Dot Blank Dotted Journal

I love how this journal is blank but has dotted grids for planning. I would probably use this one above all others.

The garden journal is simply a way for you to track what you're doing and give your future self some guidance when your season rolls around again. There is no right or wrong way to do it, and I have many friends who use theirs as sketch books or simply list-keepers of what dates they planted.

Enjoy your garden journal journey my friends! If you have a system or journal that you love, let me know in the comments!

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