Garden Things That Aren't Garden Things 07.16.21

Eva Birkenstock Sandals

Find these sandals here. I wear these non-stop in the summer. Way more comfy than flip flops, are hose-off-able and transfer so well from garden to summer camp pick up!

Down Home Soap Co.’s A Gardener’s Exfoliant

Find this product here. I have this by my sink 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The poppy seeds get all the dirt out from your winkles and under your nails. Yes, I am in fact old enough to have hand wrinkles.

Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic

Find these here. This is my probiotic and it’s completely the best thing I put in my body. They’ve done insane research and product development, including rare and incredible strains of bacteria that are hard to find. My energy is through the roof and I am so so happy I have found these.

Bob’s Red Mill Kamut Flour

Find this product here. Do I bake my own bread, why yes, yes I do! Bob’s is a company that I adore and their kamut is an ancient grain! I am loving this right now. All gardeners need a bread to put herbs into, right?

Beauty Counter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

Find this product here. Summer = sunscreen. According to the Environmental Working Group (, this is the cleanest out there! Yep.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s garden things that aren’t garden things - living la via garden!

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