Homemade Salsa Verde Recipe ft. Green Tomatillos

I grew tomatillos for the first time, and LOVED it! You need more than one plant, so they do take up a bit of space, but it’s worth it. With four plants I was able to make about two batches of enchilada sauce and 2 batches of salsa verde. If I didn’t split it up though, it would be six batches of salsa verde, which for us, is enough for a year (if you mix in other salsa ha!).

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Here’s a step by step:

1 - Gather 1 1/2 cups tomatillos

2 - Remove the husk and rinse well.

3 - Chop tomatillos and add 1/2 white onion and 2 cloves of garlic. Lay chopped veggies on a foil covered sheet pan.

Roast at 400°F for 15 minutes!

4 - Place roasted vegetables in a food processor with cilantro and 2 jalapeños and a big pinch of salt.

5 - Add roasted tomatillos, blend, and enjoy!

Homemade Salsa Verde

1 1/2 cups tomatillos
1/2 white onion
2 cloves garlic
1 seeded jalapeño
1/3 cup cilantro


1. Remove tomatillo husks and rinse thoroughly to get the stickiness off.
2. Chop and place on a foil covered sheet pan with sliced onion and garlic.
3. Roast at 400°F for 15 mins.
4. Place roasted veggies into food processor with cilantro two and jalapeño and a big pinch of salt.
5. Blend, and enjoy!