Garden Club

The BVT Garden Club

Gardening can feel overwhelming and confusing, especially for beginners. Knowing what to plant, and where and when, or when to fertilize, or what season beans really grow best in - it’s a lot!

Let us then grow together!

I have developed a monthly garden club - just for you! Yes, you. It will be custom to your US hardiness zone (scroll to find yours), and made to help you enjoy and flourish in the garden and at home. It’s a monthly subscription, but more like a garden bestie to come alongside you.


Membership of $15 per month, billed monthly OR a one-time annual payment of $97.

Here’s what you’ll get:

A monthly tend list to take out the overwhelm

Specific to your US Hardiness Zone.

A calendar with daily inspiration for living intentionally

Ideas for dinner, traditions, holidays, and gardening.

A produce list

Keeping you informed on what's in season each month

Gardening 101 Info

Articles to keep your skills as sharp as your spade.

Instagram Close Friends!

Exclusive access to my behind-the-scenes in real-time via my Instagram close friends.

Merch Discounts!

A discount always to shop my merch - hint hint - a members-only item is coming!

Why We Started The Garden Club

I started out gardening with zero knowledge. Zero! I of course Googled everything and started reading ALL THE BOOKS. I started to realize that most information out there was one-size-fits-all, when gardening is actually SO specific to your geographical area.

After doing hours and hours and years of research, I figured out that there is a rhythm to how it all unfolds. Additionally, once you get to know your weather and microclimate, gardening becomes quite intuitive. All that being said, even I still get bogged down trying to remember the nuances of each month.

That is what we're here for - to help you maximize your garden and your season. To help you get to know your garden better, and what to do as the seasons unfold.

Finding Your US Hardiness Zone

Source: USDA

You can also use the USDA search function HERE to enter your zip code and find out your hardiness zone.