Summer Cocktail: Herb Infused Wine

The garden keeps things interesting. The ongoing challenge of how to use this and what to do with that never ceases to inspire me.

It’s often the starting point of an occasion or a meal. A strike of the match creatively for me. With the kids, with Joe, with work. It’s where new problems beg for solutions that I have to work out. Where I get to dance with the elements a bit and see where I am right and where I should have done the research.

I heard recently about herb-infused wine and that lit a fire under me. I went and gathered up little bits of this and that, feeling equal parts Steve Nicks and Practical Magic witchy.

I came up with a little wine remedy that I think is well-suited for us. In fact, it speaks directly to my season of life: married with toddlers.

Each herb/ flower that I chose is rich in symbolism:

  • Yarrow to allow for your sensitivity, with boundaries
  • Lavender leaves for luck
  • Mint for hospitality and wisdom
  • Borage for courage
  • Chamomile to calm


  1. Pour out/drink a small pour of wine to create space in your bottle. I used sauvignon blanc and that was perfectly light.
  2. Gather about 2-3 sprigs of each herb and stuff into wine bottle.
  3. Place in refrigerator for 1 - 24 hours to infuse, then serve.

I hope you enjoy this easy, but fancy feeling wine trick! This is perfect for a last-minute dinner party or to just use up some herbs that are ready.

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